My Philosophy

Through a combination of my own nutrition adventures and nutrition education, I’ve built a nutrition philosophy around whole, natural foods.  I don’t believe there is a “one size fits all” diet out there because we aren’t all exactly the same.  Actually, I really don't even believe in diets!  There are so many other factors in our lives outside of "diet" that play a large role on our bodies and metabolisms.  From stress, to sleep, to gut health, to hormones and food intolerances…  the list of environmental factors goes on!  We’ve got to look at the BIG PICTURE and not just a piece of the puzzle

I use nutrition counseling to dig deeper into the root cause of what is preventing you from reaching a desired health outcome and set you up with tools for lifelong success.  Not what worked for me.  Not what worked for someone else.  What works for YOU.   If you are someone who is interested in making long term health changes and working with my holistic approach I’d love to help you optimize your health and have fun while doing it!  No rigid, strict (and boring) diets here.  I want to help set you free from feelings of guilt or deprivation and give you tools so you can make your own healthy choices and find your own wild.  I’m always up for an adventure and I want to make your journey to optimal health my next one.